A french photographer and graduate of ENSAAMA (Olivier de Serres) in Paris, Manolo Chrétien is an artist inhabited by the world of industry, in particular that of aeronautics.
Born on the Orange Air Base in France in 1966, he created his works by referring to the universe of his childhood memories.
Chrétien grew up among the hangars, tarmac, kerosene, rivets and aluminum skins of the jet prototypes that his father, the first French astronaut, would fly one day.

Manolo has developed his passion for design and technology, coexisting with industrial structures, metal surfaces and infinite detail, revealing wonder and excess.
Since his childhood, he has been attracted by the details of "skins": aluminum planes, wooden and metal boats, vans, cars and a myriad of weathered surfaces revealing the soul of a object.

Over the past 20 years, Manolo has traveled all over the world with one goal: to feel the heart and pulse of the place, capturing the 'skins' of all surfaces distorted by time, wind, erosion...
From Paris to Tucson, he thus revisits the epic of modern aviation through reports on the mythical places where the aircraft of the European, American and Soviet continents are based.
Very attached to the consistency of the photographic theme and its support, he draws his images directly on brushed aluminum sheets, similar to those of aircraft fuselages. He does not edit his pictures, but Chrétien likes to put them in original shapes and formats, creating what he calls 'aluminations': a mixture of illuminations, hallucinations and aluminum.

His latest series, 'Nouveaux Nez', is the result of a one-on-one encounter with the planes he has seen since his childhood.
Manolo, through his perception "in the skin", brings us back to the past of a material, witness of the captivating history of our world, believing that everything is ephemeral but that some great moments deserve to be captured by photography.