Born in 1972 in Haiti, Clifford Jean-Félix has been exhibiting at Gallery Saint-Dizier since the beginning of his professional career in 2004. He came from a family household that supported creativity and from an early age, he studied drawing and painting. In 1997, after a serious accident, Jean Félix went through an artistic transformation. That period in his life was so profound that he departed into a new technique, style, and vision that he practices in his work to this day. For him painting is rooted in spiritual catharsis during moments of introspection. Aesthetically, his colourful work explores thick textures and reliefs of paint that move over large canvases. Clifford Jean-Félix has exhibited for the past years both in collective and solo shows. Notably, he has had the privilege of being an invited artist to exhibit his work at the Cirque du Soleil headquarters and at the TOHU here in Montreal in 2007.