Born in 1974 in Montreal, Dominique Fortin has been painting for several years.
Since her entrance at Galerie Saint-Dizier in 2008, Dominique Fortin's career has taken off. In the spring of 2009, she demonstrated the strength of her work with a splendid solo exhibition at Galerie Saint-Dizier.

Mistakenly appearing light and naive, Dominique Fortin's work speaks about life, death and rebirth through paint and poetry. Her figures' powerful eyes seem to penetrate the depths of our soul, their strange fixity questioning: "And you, do you know who you are? Where are you going? Why are you here?…".
They seem to know something we don't, and invite us to reflect and introspect.
Behind this world that Dominique presents to us, there is a deeper reality: nostalgic or melancholic memories from childhood such as childhood songs, magic incantations, or mantras.
The animals hold an important place in her paintings, especially birds and butterflies, which are full of symbolism. Animals help us connect to nature and discover the beauty of the present and perhaps, the afterlife.
Messengers, guardian angels, souls sisters, animal totems, bear without any doubt a sacred share.

With this unique and very personal vision, Dominique's artwork reminds us that change is bound to happen: everything passes, everything is transformed, every being born on this earth is destined to grow. It is by tearing up his chrysalis that the larva turns into a butterfly.

Dominique textures her paintings with everything that falls under her hand (paper, cloth, cardboard ...) and uses different media that bring flesh, depth and sensuality to her pictorial subjects.

Her work, centered on the human character, is "a kind of study of the human figure in a contemporary context, but filled with the hopes of romanticism."