Born in 1974 in Montréal. Dominique Fortin has been devoting her time to painting and Jewlery making for many years. Its in 2008, when she began to be represented by Galerie Saint-Dizier that her career took-off, thereafter, in the spring of 2009 she had her first solo show where she exhibited her prolific ability to create large scale works, Fortin's art is a conceptual exploration into characters that are situated in abstract visual motifs. Rather than being a singular narrative, Fortin states that her art "Is a type of figurative study of human beings in a contemporary context while having a spirit towards romanticism". Dominique Fortin's imagination extends in motion by her hand into the plethora of mediums she utilizes. In doing so Fortin's paintings breathe new life into the themes of innocence, childhood imagination and the fantastic that culminate into a balance between lightness and darkness.